The way to give her the best sex of her life

Yes, I can give you technical detail about how to make good, fantastic, stratospheric sex, but I’m sorry that is reserved only for the advanced reader of my newsletter and I can’t give away to all web, but just the same I’ll give to you one insightful advice who can change forever the way you make sex and her perception about how good you are in bed.
I speak frequently about the importance of our voice, look and the type of conversation we must make when one woman is present, is not casual, but because those are instruments for make her want, and I mean really want, desire us in a sexy way.
But there is not time to lose, read and rememeber
The best way to f*** her good, it’s to f*** her brain first and only after that f*** her pussy.

There aren’t other ways, this is the best route you can take to be remembered like the best good-fucker of her life.
Of course, if you have a big problem like ejaculation praecox, stop read, go to one good andrologist and only after you can come back to read; You can’t give her good sex if you can’t last five minutes…


How to give her the best sex of her life

Many people ask to me, what I must tell, whose arguments are the best for do that, how can I turn on her mind and consequently her body?
Is not only one answer, depends on the kind of woman you have in front of you; fortunately every woman is unique, to be different from one to another is what made so beautiful to know the female universe.  You can’t never have enough, when you think you have seen all kind, is right the moment the new one you just meet blow out your mind with same new things or behavior you never aspect from her.

Oh they can be so intriguing…

To make good sex you must love the women, is not so important you love that particular woman, you must love all women (of course good and beauty women, the ugly one is not for us); only if you true love every woman you have sex with, you can be every time one bit better and you can note, you can see the detail, what makes she feel good, what position, what velocity, how much preliminaries, what kind of preliminaries and so on…

Only if you like every step of the process you can grow your skills and make good, real good sex.

When you realize that, you don’t need to promise or exaggerate nothing; I think is very unpolite and pathetic the man who tell her:
I’ll give you the best sex; how I fuck no one can, and so on until the worst of the worst:
I have the big cock of the world…
If you have at some point she will see, if I were a woman for sure I’ll never give my pussy a this kind of person:
who really is the better one don’t need to tell loudly every time; but maybe he only repeats that to himself, because he hopes one day it can became true…

So, what we can do?

You must be a man, act like one, speak and dress like one, don’t give yourself up completely, she must guess you are partially a mistery, remember the woman is like a cat, curiosity is a the heart of her, never tell all about yourself even after one or four years you hung up with her, and very important don’t be a beggar:
you can have sex with her, but maybe not, you have not decided yet what to do:
she must earn it.
Don’t worry too much, if she doesn’t want, surely some other woman will be there for us, she will lose something, not us.
You must use the same tactics the best and wanted women put to work with us and you know, they never failed.
So, because this concept is very important, I remember to you one more time:

The best way to fuck her good, it’s to fuck her brain first and only after that her pussy.


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