How to talk to beautiful women: attractive Look and no lies…

Five points to always remember for speak much better with women

Two weeks ago I made a first post (this is the LINK ) very simple to avoid some of the basic mistakes that someone not very practical with women it’s easy to do when in the presence of the females; Today we see other important things to keep in mind to be always the best when we speak with one woman.

A few days ago a person I know, he told me in a playful way to have pity on his look (t-shirts with the sleeves cut off at the shoulder from which you could see the underarm hair, shortpants and flip-flops), citing as an excuse the hot weather and he was just returning from the work.
Well if He was a farmer or a bricklayer on a roof I could, as matter of principle, understand and even justify it, but if you work with pen and paper in a clean environment and often with air conditioner, then you’re not allowed to do that, because in this way become social degradation.
If women in the winter season, they often suffer to attract us, showing generous necklines and skimpy skirts pussy-edge, it seems fair that in the few days of the year real hot, the man should be able, if necessary, to suffer a little and dress with dignity.
I have already spoken in a couple of posts that it’s not so true that with shirt and long pants you must necessarily die from the heat:
just choose breathable fabrics and lightweight materials, and we will be equally good, often even better then poor dressed choice like short pants.
But what matter the look with better talking to women?
Nothing and everything, you can safely have a deep and interesting conversation with the health shirt and the worst one of your clothes; but the reality is you’re imitating salmon and even you don’t realize this simple truth.
You’re rowing against the current; I don’t think that is one of the more clever things to do.
Get dressed well, with a look that we perceive as ours and that puts us at ease, our confidence will increase, if we feel more attractive and cool inside that will be noticed outside, our gestures and words will reflect this attitude; in practice we’ll swim with the current in our favor, which as everyone knows goes downhill, making everything much simpler.
Saturday night 22:00 the fever is high, everyone try to shine, the difference is not much between one and the other, of course we always be the better one because we have many more points and deep understanding of the dynamics, but at first glance in the dark, we might even seem all the same or at least very similar in the confusion of the crowd
The big difference will be seen on Monday morning at 11:00 am or Wednesdays at 17:00pm, when other peoples with ugly clothes will say:
“Just to go to work / office / supermarket …”
Yeah I know, it will be nice and easy know in advance the day and hour we’ll find the woman of our dreams …
Instead statistically you’re more likely to find your soulmate during the weekdays, perhaps on train, metro, at the supermarket, in line at the post office, then on Friday or Saturday night, when all men are hungry like wolves hunting in winter; of course women give the situation are with the defenses raised to the maximum, because they know that outside is full of predators.
Not being able to know when cupid or even better Eros will knock on our door, it is good habit to be prepared, not only that, if we dressing always with a cool look, our self-esteem will increase and the benefits will be palpable and visible in all areas of our lives.

Before give you new advice, I want recapitulate briefly the good things I said on the first post:
1) Keep a proper posture with head up and eyes that often look in her eyes but without staring like a maniac.
2) Avoid setting the conversation like an interrogation where you are the cop and she is the suspect.
3) Don’t stockpiling concepts in your mind, You must remain open to conversation and listening for real her words, this way when you responding, your words will be fresh and spontaneous.
4) Enrich your personality with culture, information, books and trips that will increase your being interesting.
5) Do not lie (I know it’s obvious and basic, but too often I see many men do that…).
I would say this is already enough to stand out positively, compared to the mass of losers who try to pick up anything that breathes passing near them, but since we aim only for the excellence of feminine world, both in terms of beauty and intelligence, it is often necessary to make an extra effort to be worthy of so much goodness and perfection (women so rare to find today).
It’s repeated everywhere but amazingly that good advice is often overlooked, so I write it down in capital characters, so it will be more visible and easy for you to remember:
He who praises himself befouls himself
So avoid misrepresent your skills and businesses/finances and never, never exaggerate these things, even if they are true; please leave some gaps, don’t tell her all about yourself immediately, curiosity is the heart of seduction; remember is always better to allow she to suppose, to guess slowly, the woman must discover you bit by bit, so his tireless curiosity will be stimulated and she begin to take an interest in you; if you propose everything at once, true or false, her interest on you will fade away just as quickly.
This is a very important concept so I want to be understood well, you know when you are at sea and the women are practically naked, they have almost nothing left to discover, because swimsuit as micro bras and thongs that are often smaller than a fingernail does not leave much to our imagination?
Now, you think for a moment instead when the slit of the skirt of an elegantly dressed woman it opens a moment longer, when at a mischievous blouse is open more by the release of a button or when she crosses the legs and Do you see some dark spot that you will not know if you have seen her slip or directly the object of desire (don’t bother, are always the slip, with total shaved pussy that are fashionable now, the few sparse hairs were never going to give up to you the idea of ​​a dark spot …).

A little note about a particular case involving to lie to a woman, topic that I discussed partially in this post:
Why not lie to a woman (at least not always).

Some thinking in this way to increase their chances of success, boast unlikely economic wealth and availability that do they not have even remotely.
Now leaving aside the basic principle that it is never a good thing to let the seller know that we have a lot of money, since it will try to make us spend as much as possible, this kind of game works, when it works, only with women willing to sell their goods ( pussy).
Now think about that even for just a moment, we will understand easily enough that if she is willing to change her mind because we have a lot of money, to put it mildly she is a prostitute, and probably a big part of our money will fly in her pockets.
Lying around the amount of cash you really have rarely works, since as usual if a woman’s first interest is the money, she will also be very expert to recognize the minimum signals and indicators that let her know if your account is really nice fat or dry sec, even if you don’t tell her one single thing.
The only, unfortunately for them, that have fallen into this low trap, are women of the poorest countries, where sex pilgrims go with the immense buying power than western economy has compared to the local nation.
Time inevitably discovers all lies, women who thought they had married a millionaire have realized once they arrived in U.S./Germany or Italy, that not only he was not rich, but often lived with his parents and with money provided by social services to him because unemployed.
What to say… normally she takes revenge by giving to the liar big horns and/or changing him with somebody best equipped economically.

On the other hand if it’s with the promise of money that she has been drawn away from home, it seems also normal to me, if she have a consistent behavior and do this:

1) one big kick-in-the ass a the loser

2) she going to find where the big bucks are at home.

I do not want to be misunderstood, not all cases are this pathetic way:
many guys are honest, on search of true love and they tell women, who want to come to Usa or Italy, exactly how the real things are and their place in the economic monetary scale.
These are the couples with a good chance of lasting and indeed I sponsor firmly; since the external supply of fresh genes from women often very beautiful improves drastically the average beauty of italian women, while helping to reduce the low-ass effect that unfortunately many Mediterranean women have.
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