How to Recognize a Lesbian Girl? Woman-Woman & Woman-Man


I ask this question from the research for Fire of Man and since I also asked myself the question how to understand if a girl is a lesbian several times, here we are, let’s see if it is possible and how to do it.

I think that in 50% of cases it is not easy, but easier to identify a girl attracted by her own sex.

In the other 50% of situations it is not impossible, but really difficult to identify if the girl prefers a man or a woman.

How To know if a girl is Lesbian?

Just above I put 50/50 but that’s not all, the possible situations are more:

a girl may well like both men and women.

On being able to recognize this third type of girl, however, you fall for it badly, since it is a full part of those in which it is almost impossible to identify them in this sense.

Women who notice details and details at least 10 times more than an average man, are sometimes fooled too:

are behind for a long time behind a boy just to find out after several months that he was not at all shy and introverted as they thought, as gay up to the spinal cord, bone and ass connected sacrum …


Understanding whether Lesbian Girl or Gay Man: A Step Back

As Elon Musk says when he explains how he learned how to make space rockets:

simple, I bought a few books and read them to myself, I started from the basics.

I’ll try to do the same in my own small way, so let’s start with the basics:

there is the male principle and the female principle.

Each of us is a sum of the two primary forces, but the gradations1 are the most different that can exist:

men 51% almost ethereal and rough bearded well over 60% of pure human character.

Same for the girls:

we range from graceful and super-feminine graceful maidens who exceed 60 in principle female to women near or even over 50 in character man.

They are men without the dick as personality and character, as well as direction of their sexual arousal.


The two types of lesbian girl: Woman-woman and Woman-man

In gay couples of men, there is always one of the two that is shifted decisively towards behaviors and mentalities typically feminine and the other more normal to regular that the only way to recognize it is to know or see that he is with another man.

In girls the same only happens in reverse:

we will have the woman-woman indistinguishable from heterosexuals as well and the woman-man that you can usually recognize.

The girl-man usually has typical male behaviors including minor ones and not so beautiful defects of many men:

one of these is jealousy, they know well that if their girl is beautiful can have whoever they want, here and there from the barricade.

The pure lesbian is the woman-man since she is attracted by the feminine, that is the woman-woman:

which is instead attracted by the male principle, it does not matter that it does not have the typical genitals of a man.

This fact also explains the great majority of bisexuals among women-women compared to the almost total absence of them among women-man.

strafighe nude si atteggiano a ragazze lesbiche per la foto


Recognizing the lesbian girl: possible only for the woman-man

One hundred thousand times easier to locate lesbian girls man than the other.

Take a man, but not a male-pentite, a beautiful coarse a few years ago, take off his beard and pea, add a few tits and there’s the woman-man, of course you can recognize her!

Let’s see in more detail some of the characteristics it usually has:

  • Short hair to the point of shaving her head

  • Very frequent tattoos but no butterflies or roses, caxxuta stuff!

  • Zero or little makeup

  • Dresses that do not enhance the shapes, often hide them if there are

  • Abolish skirts and dresses, always and only pants or dungarees bleargh

  • What are high heels? Gymnastic shoes or more frequent amphibians and boots

  • Sometimes he takes the worst crude manly attitude,

  • Possible blasphemies and vulgar language, or spitting on the floor,

  • Able to burp in a blatant and noisy way after a mug of beer drunk on only 1 sip

  • Frequent resentment towards all men

  • etc. etc. etc.

Rare that all these behaviors of the lesbian woman-man ways of doing are present all together, it would really suck.

How then to recognize this type of girl lesbo?

When at the same time there are 4-5 or more of the signs listed above, it is very likely that she is in fact a lesbian woman.

Today I stop here, but the topic “Lesbian Girl” is not over yet:

Continue soon…



Notes to the Text:

gradations1 = the male female variations 60-40% and its opposite 40/60% seem a waste of the scale 100, after all I could very well put male to 99 and woman only to one percent and vice versa.
I could do it but it would not reflect the truth of the facts:
the genetic difference between the male and female of the human species is well below the 20 points of difference that I used for explanatory convenience in the text.

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