How to improve results for introverts: make women laugh?

Make women laugh can seduce the top level girls or not?

I don’t know why so many websites and so called seduction experts tell always every time there is one introvert who need some advice, this old mantra:
You must make the woman laugh.
According to these brilliant minds, if you did this, everything else doesn’t matter; she’ll be already totally seduced by you.
Not only that, she’ll loking forward to open his beatiful and long legs for you and she is ready to laugh another time seeing you with red teddy bears boxer; you know , such big laughter she’ll make…

Make women laugh can improve results for introverted men?

I don’t know who started, but please it’s time to stop this refrain; of course you have to talk with a woman and have fun toghether if the relationships goes on; but especially in the early stages when reciproc knoledwege is poor or somethimes nothing at all, it doesn’t seem the best strategies to tell jokes or clowning.
Rememeber sometimes the ridiculous is only one step away, and certainly has never aroused any woman.
AS a fact we know women often tend to get bored easily and think always or almost in terms of relationship, altough a the moment it looks like the adventure of one night.
So, if someone ask them what prerogatives must have your man to appeal you, is very likely to seean answer like: He must make me laugh!
Even without dragging in various hipocrisies, when one woman must answers the usually summer polls, she rarely must tell hard true like those, saying that a man must make her blood boil in the veins or provoke her the famous butterfly effect in the stomach or sometime fuck me for double or triple the poor seven minutes of world average time sex.
I remember for the forgetful the first truth about women:
You look at what they do and not what they say.
With this concept in mind we can see without cognitive bias if make laugh woman, really help us to have a chance with her.
In my esperience, can be, at times, but later; certainly not a the beginning when the factors that decide about her attraction toward us, are quite different.
When the woman saw us the first time will be our look, our posture and gestures as micro expressions that will decide his attraction to us or not.
We can have her already found of us, without need to make she laugh and even before we open our mouth for tell her the classic two words.
How can be all that even possible?
Is not a marvel, isn’t a wonder; I know sometime is true, you make her laugh or rather you can entertain her and in few cases you’ll make the coveted goal; but normally the dynamics that trigger the attraction of her towards us are very different and no one includes telling stupid jokes or even worse dirty.
It may be that this unhealthy prejudice resulting from the fact that to make her laugh, you need intelligence and a dose of self-irony; but then it isn’t the laugh the key, but one brain capable of thinking in the male counterparts.
We finally discovered the secret of the mistery:
Intelligence is a powerful seductive weapon.
There isn’t need to be the clown, for a woman a pleasant conversation with a cock equipped, who is capable to look in her eyes instead costantly at her boobs, is for her a source of pleasure and fun. No matter if she not smile even one single time, if under her skin she felt the heat and she would like have sex with you instantly.
Maybe I’m wrong, maybe make women laugh seduce them without any failure; everything is possible today.
You think it’s easy to make a complete stranger laugh when she is not one bit interested or attracted to you?
If you answer yes, well I would say that you have to stop reading story books; or even better come to me, i have a donkey that flies and a pink elefant for sale; I’ll make you a very good price…
When she see you, the first second, the first impression is crucial; if you failed the first test nothing will be easy for you and certainly not make her laugh.
Of course, she so beautiful and shining like a diamond might for whatever reason give us the oppurtunity to talk to her for an hour until we could understand what she likes, what kind of humor and so on; although at first glance she found us repellent and feel sick only by our aspect.
Unfortunately, or rather fortunately, life is not a movie; if she don’t find us enjoyable in the first nanosecond that she pose her beautiful eyes on us, all our patethic attempt to get to close to her will be stop with a simple glance; yes very simple, like the death ray of star wars.

Get dressed with better attractive clothes, create for yourself one LOOK unique, become a better true man with a brain that works and you’ll see the women never think about laughing with you or of you, but just the same they will be entertain like never before in their life.

Some women are taken by the post-orgasm crying, other when they have big gigantic orgasms start to laugh out loud and uncontrollably; perhaps this is what they mean by:
the man must make her laugh …



Make women laugh can improve results for introverted men?


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