How timids can seduces?

The Timid, wich is not the introverted, hardly seduces

He is waiting, waiting and still waiting for something to happen, that magically, the woman who interests him notices him(no one know how) and come forward to him.
Unfortunately it never happens, only in rare special cases when his air of not caring at all and stand aside can be exchanged for mistery, but only by the most inexperienced/naive and less secure girls.
The other ones can at a glance to understand the difference(even a mile away) and almost never come close to such person.
Even it happens particularly in adolescence that they are also subject of mockery by some couples of witches enjoying themselves to make fun with them that are weaker.

So, How timids can seduces?

I said mistery, altough unfortunately the Timid often plays to have it, in fact everything is in his mind where he constantly refuges to escape to a reality that is hostile to him, does not go in the direction he wants.
So usually feign indifference especially with the person, object of his hidden desires; only that he can hardly be understood, almost never the woman perceives that she is desired:
when she figures out, except rares cases, she doesn’t even bother and continues with her normal life.
She is doing this not because she is evil and bad as the timid/shy guy might think once the thing for her is passed tho another goal(read new woman…).
The woman behaves so as she is not seeing him as a possible partner, as a man with enough testosterone to be with her.

Taken out the surface veil/layer of complications, the woman is very simple being.
do not be fooled by her words and explanations, if she doesn’t feel attraction, blood boil and stomach full of butterflies, there is nothing to do; useless the three thousand mental saw, sitting thinking about her.

Timid people tend always to fall in love with the most beautiful and difficult, right thing to do, but not for a predisposition to the beauty or the selection “this is not for everyone”, that would be positive, but because subconsciously they know that for thei poor skills with the female kingdom, everything will be, if possible, more difficult and thus unlikely to happen.
It should not happen because otherwise this would force them to stir form their slumber and act.
Act that they tend to shun anyway, preferring their inner world where they are doing well and wich does not reserve surprise of any kind(especially negative one).


How timids can seduces on the real world?

Only the quantum leap from Timid to Introverts can completely transform their way of being and living seductive.
The Introvert is not afraid to act, on the contrary he likes to act not only for the sake of it and select his few actions for the things that deserve, putting in them all his energy:
this typically leads to the hoped favorable outcome result.

Since the boundaries between shyness and introversion are very unstable in certain people it is good as soon as possible to be made to leap from one state “shyness” to another “Introversion” wich know is given, if well managed can lead to success in the particular with girls, but not only that.
I have seen this happen many times over the years:
timids that literally speaking ate their hands craving one girl attention, just sitting still in a corner to wait and wait, until leaving at the end of the evening alone and sad.

This must be changed as soon as possible:
I know, a the beginning it takes a conscious challenging effort to do and to accept, but only trough difficult attempts/tries you can really grow.
This way, instead of waiting that someone, usually not the wanted one, notices you(not knowing very well how), you can be master of your sentimental or sexual destiny, if you do not want to commit yourself emotionally for the moment.
Only the action brings results, basically what can go wrong, be alone?
Alone romantically the timid already is, at least 99 times out of 100; receiving a rejection will not change that, at least for now…
Who has not had a rejection in his life… remember that she is not rejecting you, but how you act and you show up at that time and the reason of herrefusal could be other thousand that have nothing to dowith your request; also the first boring and peppery rejection is needed, because helps to learn and improve to get better results soon.
You might say perhaps is the continues interaction that makes action a success at least for the moment; meanwhile you’ve won the fear and you are praticing.


How timids can seduces? Don’t be afraid of women…

She might say YES!
Isn’t that many timids are basically afraid that the best theory happens?
When one saw he can act and seduce a woman, he can no longer bask…
If that is the real reason, there’s nothing to do, the propblem is bigger and perhaps it takes a good psychologist because being afraid of success will ensure that one will never reach.

Here, on Fire of Man, I can’t get interested in clinical or pathological cases, for this there are doctors on purpose, even if their utility is limited without a real desire of the person to change at last in part his own approach to life.
But if this fear do not existthen, so be it, a simple action has settled and get rid of all the doubts.
next time will be ten times easier, after that 100 times easier and suddenly… one day when really motivated, you’ll move upwards without thinking, without even ask yourself the question wheter to take action or not.

This is How timids can seduces:

It will be then that great results will come and you will be really improved:

you will finally be a Man with balls.