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How to Recognize a Lesbian Girl? Woman-Woman & Woman-Man

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Come riconoscere una Ragazza Lesbica? Lesbian Girl

I ask this question from the research for Fire of Man and since I also asked myself the question how to understand if a girl is a lesbian several times, here we are, let’s see if it is possible and how to do it.

I think that in 50% of cases it is not easy, but easier to identify a girl attracted by her own sex.

In the other 50% of situations it is not impossible, but really difficult to identify if the girl prefers a man or a woman.

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The way to give her the best sex of her life

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girl sexy with black underwear

Yes, I can give you technical detail about how to make good, fantastic, stratospheric sex, but I’m sorry that is reserved only for the advanced reader of my newsletter and I can’t give away to all web, but just the same I’ll give to you one insightful advice who can change forever the way you make sex and her perception about how good you are in bed.
I speak frequently about the importance of our voice, look and the type of conversation we must make when one woman is present, is not casual, but because those are instruments for make her want, and I mean really want, desire us in a sexy way.
But there is not time to lose, read and rememeber
The best way to f*** her good, it’s to f*** her brain first and only after that f*** her pussy.
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