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Fireofman articles on Introversion, Look and Seduction translated into English

Fallible techniques of Seduction for Introverted Men

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introverted men: woman who look fireofman

Without trying there is no success, especially in seduction

Amazing how laws of regulation advertising do not apply to the world business related to how finding a woman, if one tries to look for “Seduction” or similar worlds on Amazon or other major online booksellers, will find that there is a moltitude of high-sounding titles:
Infallibles; It works with all and always; Guaranted sex in ten minutes or even less, and I stop here otherwise the post will be about the list.

Before discussing about Fallible Techniques that I’ve had in dream by my distant ancestor, I would like to make you all a simple question:
if by any chance you tried to understand the universal system to take off the G-string to any know or unknow woman in a short time, what do you plan to do woth this incredible knowledge?
You will sell the secret for 99 cent in ebooks or 3 euros in a book?
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