About Fire Of Man (English version)

Fire of Man for True Seductive Men

Hi I’m Sergio founder of fireofman.com I create the website for sharing with you

my journey in the world of Seduction, Look, Charisma and Style of Success

that attracts to us and distinguishes us, make us unique and inimitable.

People with higher value than the mass.

I know, You’re smart, smarter then most people around you;

your life is good,the money is not the issue, but…

But you can’t find the right woman,

the beautiful warm and top level woman you deserve!

If you’re determined to grow, to improve, to become

a higher better version of yourself even in seduction

it is sure that you often asked,

as I also did, one or more of these questions:

there has to be a style that attracts the top level women, what will be?
How can I improve my style making it more attractive?
Why I cannot find a woman of my same level?
Why do I feel uncomfortable when near beutiful women?
What techniques can help me to have more and better women?
Ah, if only I was more extrovert with natural social skills…

Well then you’re one of us, Fire of Man doesn’t exist to respond,

but to solve these questions that stir within us

and they tend to block us like invisible scripts of a bad b-movie.

All Fire of Man articles help to live at full speed,

in the most beautiful way, with greater knowledge, a life rich in what matters:

no discount for our lives, we will live rich

For my part I give the Welcome to Fire of Man ,

website where you can join the small percentage of men who are not content

of ready-made answers, whether you speak of Seduction, of Look or how

improve ourselves by reading an interesting book.

The name Fire of Man comes from the fact that many people, me first have

the fire inside, but sometimes they fail to create real heat outside,

especially with women of value that we deserve.

If you’ve read this far, you certainly recognized some part of you in my words,

so write your best email below and every week or two

I’ll give you tips, photos and unique techniques to have the success

you deserves on the job, life and with the high-level women.